Classroom Garage
Time Speaker Topic Speaker Topic
9:00 Keynote Presentation by Jay Harris Jay Harris Celebrate Your Expert
10:00 Clement Ho Refactoring CSS Bloat Joe Mayo Deep Learning Basics
11:00 Chris Sevilleja Speed Up Your JS Apps by 50% Guaranteed David Berry Unit Testing Things that Are Hard to Test
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Ado Kukic A Token Walks Into a SPA… Amber Hewitt Creative Coder: My Journey from Design to Development
2:00 Michael Dowden Stop Keeping the Lights On Paul Hacker How Microsoft does DevOps
3:00 Michael Washington .Net Core Development Using the Microsoft Cognitive Custom Vision Service Barry S. Stahl Design Patterns for Loosely Coupled Applications
4:00 Kenny Eliason – Not Your Mother’s WordPress Site Rob Richardson Git Scenarios: How Do I Fix That?