The Retro Wagon

The Retro Wagon is coming to Code Camp Vegas!

The Retro Wagon and Trailer


Jeff Albrecht, @jhalbrecht KF7CRU, is president of IEA Software, Inc. www.iea-software.com a provider of integrated ISP billing, provisioning and subscriber management solutions. Jeff enjoys software and hardware development primarily of IoT systems. C# / Xamarin, linux Server / SBCs, Arduino, ESP8266, BBB – you betcha! Jeff has a distinctive collection of vintage computer equipment from the dawn of the personal computer mostly late 1970s to early 1980s. He shares this Vintage Computer Collection as “The RetroWagon” https://wiki.theretrowagon.com @TheRetroWagon and at Vintage Computer Festivals, Code Camps and hacker spaces.


The Retro Wagon is a twenty eight (28) foot trailer filled with old stuff. Around the late Seventies and early eighties as micro computers began their entrance to the hands of we the people.

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