Kenny Eliason


As a native to Las Vegas, Kenny knows this town like the back of his hand. After attending a year of law school in sunny San Diego, Kenny quickly learned that a legal career was not going to be part of his professional path. From there he started NeONBRAND, where he fills his days helping medium to large businesses build their online presence through website development and other marketing techniques.


Roots.io – Not Your Mother’s WordPress Site

WordPress often gets a bad wrap as being out of date and impractical for many medium to large-scale situations. Version Control doesn’t work, updates are too frequent, can’t develop with a team, on and on and on… But with over 30% of the web running WordPress, it’s time to up our game. Roots.io puts WordPress on its head and allows for a robust development environment that will solve most, if not all, of the complaints “real developers” have about the platform.